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Walk In Freezer Calgary

Walk In Freezer Repairs & Maintenance

If your business has a walk in freezer, you know that it is critical that the machine keeps running well day in and day out. Your business relies on the freezer to keep your products frozen.

If the machine breaks down, thousands of dollars of product are on the line if that product thaws out. You need it fixed fast.

Why Gamble With Your Business?

When your walk in freezer does break down, there is no guarantee that it will be repaired and up and running again quickly. Calling in a mechanic might not solve the problem fast enough to save your frozen product.

An Ounce Of Maintenance…

… is worth a pound of repairs. Your commercial walk in freezer is a robust and well designed Walk In Freezer Calgarymachine, but that does not mean that it can run indefinitely without maintenance. If the equipment gets maintenance on a regular basis it is far less likely to break down.

Furthermore, maintaining the machine regularly helps us to see when the parts are starting to wear out before they fail. We can replace worn out parts and keep your freezer in tip top shape.

Some of the makes of equipment that we work on include Zero Zone, Hoshizaki, True Refrigeration, and Hussmann. We also work on many other makes and models of commercial freezers as a regular part of our business.

Service That You Can Trust

We have been serving Calgarians since 2009. The majority of our customers are repeat customers and businesses that require on-going maintenance and service of their freezer equipment.

If you would like to read more about us, you can follow this link.

If you would like to contact us and discuss your needs with your commercial freezer, feel free to give us a call at (587) 575 – 2111. 



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