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404 HVAC Sells & Installs Hot Water Tanks

Hot Water Tank Okotoks. Is your old hot water tank on the fritz again? Are you getting tired of cold showers? 404 HVAC sells and installs hot water tanks in Okotoks. We have been serving the residents of Okotoks since 2009. With over 750 hot water tank installations under our belt in Southern Alberta, we are experts in replacing failed water heaters and getting our customer’s hot water running again.

We Are Proud To Carry Bradford White Hot Water Tanks

The Bradford White line of hot water tanks are simply the best hot water tank heaters in the business. Since we have switched to installing this line of hot water tanks in 2013, we have installed hundreds of these water heaters, and we have had a total of 2 warranty call backs for this equipment. This impressive low failure rate shows the level of commitment to quality that Bradford White has for their customers and their equipment.

Bradford White Hot Water Tanks


We Also Carry Navien On Demand Water Heaters

Navien On-Demand Water HeaterIf you have a large family (6+ people), then you should consider a Navien tank-less on demand hot water heater. The advantage of this type of hot water heater is that it produces hot water instantly as it is needed. Five people could have a shower while the dishwasher and the washing machine is running and you will still have hot water at the tap. Endless hot water!

The Navien on demand water heater is also ideal for commercial establishments like a restaurant that have a greater need for hot water.




Competitive Prices!

Our prices are the best in the business. All of our workmanship is fully guaranteed for one year from the date of installation of your new hot water tank to ensure that you’ll have peace of mind after the job is complete. Read more about our prices here.

40 gallon Bradford White installed 1299 + G.S.T.

50 gallon Bradford White installed 1499 + G.S.T.

60 Gallon Bradford White installed 1899 + G.S.T.

Navien On Demand water heater installed 4599 + G.S.T.

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