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Tired Of Cold Showers?

Hot Water Tank Calgary. Steaming hot water is closer than you think. We can change out your hot water tank today and have hot water at your taps in no time.

All of the major hot water tank manufacturers state that the average life span for a hot water tank is approximately 10 years. If your hot water tank is 10 or more years old it is a good idea to get it changed out for a new unit in the near future – besides avoiding the inconvenience of not having hot water, you might experience a split tank that can create a flood in your basement, something that you would obviously want to avoid.

We are proud to sell and install the Bradford White line of hot water tanks for residential and commercial use.

Bradford White Hot Water Tanks

Same Day Service

Same day service is available in most cases to help you get your home back to normal. We pride ourselves on serving our customers well, so whenever possible we provide same day service to our customers to minimize the inconvenience of not having hot water. Alternately, we can schedule your hot water tank installation on evenings or weekends to accommodate your busy schedule.


Need More Hot Water Capacity?

If you have a larger family (6+ people) and you are experiencing frequent shortages of hot water, we can upsize the capacity of your hot water tank, install two tanks in tandem, or we can install a tankless Navien on demand water heater – endless hot water! Call us today for a quotation.

Navien on demand water heater


Competitive Prices!

Our prices are the best in the business. All of our workmanship is fully guaranteed for one year from the date of installation of your new hot water tank to ensure that you’ll have peace of mind after the job is complete. Read more about our prices here.

40 gallon Bradford White installed 1299 + G.S.T.

50 gallon Bradford White installed 1499 + G.S.T.

60 Gallon Bradford White installed 1899 + G.S.T.

Navien On Demand water heater installed 4599 + G.S.T.


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