Gas Fitting Services

404 Refrigeration & HVAC Services offers professional gas fitting services to our customers and clients.

Our professional Red Seal Journeyman gas fitter is available to help with your project. Regardless of whether you are in the midst of a new home build or you are renovating your existing property. We have installed hundreds of new gas lines for our customers in the past, and we can help you as well.

You can call us right now at (587) 575 – 2111 to schedule service. 

Alberta Red Seal Gas Fitter

Our gas fitter is a licensed Alberta Journeyman Red Seal gas fitter. Installing a new gas line into your home or business is not a job for amateurs. You want to ensure that aGas Fitting Services gas line has been installed properly and in accordance with Alberta safety codes. The only way to ensure that is by hiring a licensed Alberta Journeyman.

When we take on your new gas line installation, we`ll pull a permit for the installation and we`ll be onsite for the inspection when the job is complete. This is standard for all of our gas fitting services.

We follow all safety rules for gas line installation as prescribed by the Province of Alberta.

New Gas Lines For All Gas Appliances

Gas Fitting Services We install new gas lines for gas stoves, BBQ`s, furnaces, water heaters, gas dryers, and more. Regardless of the type of gas appliance that you need to be hooked up in your home, we can handle the job.

A lot of our customers love their gas stoves and BBQ`s. Having these appliances hooked up to your natural gas lines means that you`ll never have to get propane tanks filled and you`ll never run out of gas. Natural gas is a low cost fuel that burns cleanly and provides instant heat.

Alternatively, we have also hooked up propane appliances and gas lines for our rural customers when natural gas has not been available.

Regardless of the type of fuel that you choose and the kind of gas appliance that you want to operate, 404 Refrigeration & HVAC Services can help you with your gas line installation.

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You can contact us anytime at (587) 575 – 2111. 

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