Did you know?

Atco does not repair furnaces! A lot of consumers in Alberta think that if their furnace breaks down they can call ATCO to repair it.

This is simply not true. 

What ATCO does doATCO does not repair furnaces!

ATCO is the provider of natural gas to the utility companies that operate in Alberta.

Their function is to maintain the gas delivery network throughout Alberta.

This includes all of the infrastructure necessary to safely deliver natural gas to your home.

Therefore, ATCO maintains the gas pipelines and gas meters.

They are only concerned with the safety and operation of your natural gas supply line and the equipment that it feeds; ATCO is not concerned with how well your equipment is operating.


What ATCO does not do

They do not sell, install, or repair furnaces. If your furnace has broken down and you call ATCO, they will come out to look at it. But they are only concerned that the appliance is not leaking natural gas and would be a fire or explosion hazard.

The direct quote from the ATCO main website is as follows:

“We want to ensure our customers feel happy and safe with their furnace and all the natural gas appliances in their home which is why we provide appliance and furnace inspections at no direct cost to you. To schedule an appointment, fill out the service request form or call the Customer Assistance Centre at 310-5678 toll-free. Please note we are not able to install, clean, repair or remove appliances. For these services, you need to contact a qualified heating and/or plumbing contractor.”

You can read this page on their website for yourself by following this link.

We repair furnaces

404 Refrigeration & HVAC Services is a local furnace, air conditioning, and commercial refrigeration repair company. We stock all of the parts necessary to repair your furnace regardless of the make and model.

In addition to this, we install new furnaces, air conditioners, and refrigeration equipment.

And we install new gas lines as well.

Some of the areas that we serve include Claresholm, Nanton, High River, & Vulcan.

You can read more about us here.

We can be reached at (587) 575 – 2111 anytime. 

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