Emergency Furnace Repairs

Do you need your furnace repaired right now? We can help! We provide emergency furnace repairs for all of Southern Alberta.

404 HVAC provides our emergency heater repair service 7 days per week. We provide furnace repairs 24 hours per day in Southern Alberta.

Communities We Serve

Here are some of the towns and cities that we serve in our service area.

  1. High River
  2. Nanton
  3. Claresholm
  4. Vulcan

We are proud to provide furnace repair services to all of these communities within our service area of Southern Alberta.

Services that we provide

404 Refrigeration & HVAC Services provides furnace repairs, furnace installations, air conditioning repairs and installations, hot water tank installations, and commercial refrigeration work.

Providing service for all of these varied tasks takes a lot of time and dedication to the various aspects of this trade. Therefore, we’re continually having to study and read and upgrade in order to provide you with real value.

Real Value Is Built Upon Trust

If your furnace is not running properly, I know that it can be a very stressful time for you. If you do not have a service provider that you know and trust, then your stress level is compounded. You now have to make a determination of the quality and trust-worthiness of an HVAC repair company quickly, based on some words on a website and how many 5 star reviews there are.

Often times it seems to me that many of my competitors focus more on being on the first page of Google and getting 5 star reviews than on the quality of service that they are providing.  

I’d like to propose a better way forward to you.

Take a minute to read a few articles in our company blog. This will give you a better idea of what we’re all about. If you feel that I am slightly more trustworthy after reading some of those articles, then thank you.

That’s because I am not an anonymous entity hiding behind a keyboard. My name is Karl Fischer, and I am the company owner. I know that on the other end of my keyboard is a real human being with real needs that need to be dealt with (like a broken furnace in a Canadian winter).

How We Can Learn To Trust Each Other

If I have been able to gain your trust so far, then I would like to propose an idea to you. That you and I start a long term mutually beneficial customer / service provider relationship. In order to develop that relationship, we need to be in contact with each other every now and then. I certainly don’t mean in a spammy “I’ll send this person 27 emails every day now because they trusted me with their email address!!!” kind of way. No. Never that way.

The method that I am proposing is that you provide your email address to me. In exchange, you will receive an email notification when a new article is posted on the company blog.

What’s In It For You?

Knowledge Is Power

I’m going to focus on writing blog articles that are easy to read, and gives you some insights into your HVAC system. The intent behind this strategy is to empower my reader (and hopefully future customer) to make better informed decisions regarding their furnace and AC systems. As an example, everyone asks “What does HVAC mean?”. Here is a very brief blog post that I wrote answering that exact question. What does HVAC/R mean?

Not only will this [knowledge] reduce any stress that you might feel when you do have to deal with your furnace, but it’s also going to drastically lessen the likelihood of an “unforeseen” equipment breakdown during extreme outdoor temperatures to begin with.

A Pre-Existing Relationship (Win-Win)

When it does come time for you to call in a service provider to have your HVAC equipment serviced, you and I will already have an existing relationship with each other. You will not have to wonder if you are dealing with an unscrupulous mechanic that is ripping you off. I will not have to worry that my customer is going to abuse me.

Instead, you will know that you are getting taken care of by a sincere business owner, and I will in turn know that you are my customer that I have to take good care of.

Before we can trust each other, we have to like each other. Before we can like each other we have to know each other. You entrusting me with your email address is the Emergency Furnace Repairsvehicle (and the first step) behind which this relationship relies upon. So believe me when I say you can trust me with your confidential details. No spam guaranteed. Only good quality information.

Does This Sound Like The Kind Of Company That You Would Like To Deal With?

If it does, then I would like to ask you to subscribe to our email newsletter. There is a simple signup form at the footer of the website (desktop) or just a few thumb swipes down at the bottom (mobile).

If you do decide to sign up, let me be the first to thank you.