Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration

404 Are Refrigeration Experts! 

404 Refrigeration & HVAC Services specializes in building. servicing, maintaining, and repairing refrigeration systems for all kinds of businesses.

We have worked on walk in coolers, walk in freezers, ice makers, slush machines, and many other types of refrigeration equipment. 

When you need your refrigeration system serviced and maintained, you can count on us to get the job done right. 

If you are having a cooling emergency right now, you can call us 24 hours per day 7 days per week at (587) 575 – 2111. 

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Equipment that we service includes:
and many more. 

Serving Alberta Since 2009

We have been in business serving the businesses of Alberta since 2009. During that time we have gained a lot of customers. 

Our focus has always been to provide our customers with quality and value by providing them with quality workmanship. 

Therefore, you can expect this same focus to be applied to your refrigeration equipment when we are called in to your business as well. 

Walk In Coolers & Freezers

Most of the work that we perform for our customers involves maintaining and repairing their walk-in coolers and walk in freezers. 

These machines are running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. 

Regular maintenance of your walk in cooler is necessary for it to run without problems. 

The most expensive way to operate your commercial refrigeration equipment is to never maintain it. Refrigeration equipment that is not maintained will break down. When it does break down, it will cost more to repair or replace it. 

Ice Makers

Ice makers require cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis. Not only is the refrigeration equipment working hard to make the ice, but the ice making chamber is always wet. 

Because of this, the inside of an ice maker is an ideal place for bacteria and mold to form. Here is what the inside of an un-maintained ice maker typically looks like. 

A dirty ice maker. This restaurant is serving dirty ice to its customers. Disgusting!

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