Heavy Equipment A/C Repairs & Service Vulcan County


Heavy Equipment A/C Repairs & Service in Vulcan County

Automotive, Heavy Trucks, Tractors, Combines, Excavators

Is the air conditioning on your heavy equipment not keeping you cool anymore?

404 Refrigeration & HVAC Services not only performs repairs and service for commercial refrigeration and HVAC systems, we also work on automotive and heavy equipment air conditioning systems too.

We have worked on the A/C systems for combines, tractors, rock trucks, grain trucks, and automobiles.

Grain truck air condioning servicing

Servicing and repairing the air conditioning on a Western Star grain truck owned by Troy at Twin Valley Farms

Because we offer a mobile service, we’ll come directly to your farm or place of business and work on your equipment – there is no need for you to bring your equipment to our shop.

Serving All Of Vulcan County!

Champion, Alberta (located within Vulcan County) is the home of 404 Refrigeration & HVAC services. We are proud to serve all of the communities and farms within Vulcan County.

All Refrigerants & Oils Available!

Regardless of whether your equipment A/C uses R22, R134a, or R1234yf, we have the proper refrigerant on hand for your specific air conditioning system.

In addition we carry mineral oil, Polyol Ester Oil (POE), and PolyAlkylene Glycol Oil (PAG), so if your compressor is a little low on oil we can top it up to ensure that it is well lubricated for a long service life.

Lowest Service Call Fee In All Of Vulcan County!

We continually hear about companies being called in from Lethbridge or Calgary to do some maintenance and repair work and charging service call fees of $250 or more.

404 Refrigeration & HVAC Services call out fee is 74.95 for all of Vulcan County.  Why pay (a lot more) for a company from outside of Vulcan County to service your equipment when you can call 404 Refrigeration and save a bundle of cash?

Read more about our fees here.

All Workmanship Fully Guaranteed!

All of the workmanship performed by 404 Refrigeration & HVAC Services is fully guaranteed from the date of our visit for one year.

We really value our customers and the work that they provide to us; therefore we know that taking care of our customers is critically important to building a long term relationship with our customers.

Call Us Today!

Contact us at (587) 575 – 2111 to schedule a servicing of your heavy equipment air conditioning system and we’ll make sure that you’ll be calm, cool, and collected while you’re working in the summer heat.