7 year new equipment warranty


404 Refrigeration & HVAC Services offers all of our customers a comprehensive 7 year warranty on new equipment installations and retrofit equipment installations.

This is the best new equipment warranty on commercial refrigeration and HVAC equipment in the business. 

When you contract 404 Refrigeration & HVAC Services to sell and install a new or retrofit commercial refrigeration or HVAC system into your business, we offer a full 7 year warranty against mechanical breakdown of the following components:

  • The compressor 
  • The condenser coil
  • The evaporator coil
  • The liquid sight glass
  • The copper lineset
  • The liquid receiver
  • The suction accumulator (if equipped)
Bitzer compression unit

We offer this warranty to our customers to provide them with the peace of mind that comes with having their commercial refrigeration or HVAC  equipment protected by a warranty. New commercial refrigeration and HVAC equipment is costly, and having an equipment warranty helps to ensure that the equipment operates properly and lasts as long as possible.  

When it comes time to purchase and have new commercial refrigeration or HVAC equipment installed into your business, I want you to compare the 404 Refrigeration & HVAC Services new equipment warranty to the warranty offered by our competitors. Often times you’ll find that our competitors don’t offer a warranty on the equipment, or they only offer a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on the equipment.  

This warranty applies to all new commercial refrigeration system installations, all new commercial refrigeration retrofit system installations, all new commercial HVAC installations, and all new commercial retrofit HVAC installations.  

In keeping with many other company equipment warranties, there are some obligations that must be adhered to by the customer in order to qualify and be eligible for the 7 year warranty. If you would like more information, please click on the link below to read more on the subject, or contact us at (587) 575 – 2111 anytime.  


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